12 Bahasa Pemrograman dan fungsinya
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12 Programming Languages ​​and Their Functions

12 Programming Languages ​​and Their Functions. Here are some types of programming languages ​​that are most often used by developers:.

1. Python programming language

logo python

Python is a beginner-friendly programming language. This one language is famous for being easy to learn because of its clear and intuitive syntax. Even, Python's syntax is much similar to English.

other than that, Python community is also quite active. Good at own website or in Stackoverflow. Of course this makes it easier when you have to do something while studying.

Why you should learn Python?

  • Many development frameworks use Python. This makes it easier for you to adapt when you have to use different frameworks.
  • Easy and fast to use to integrate multiple systems.
  • Suitable for application development with the Rapid Application Development method (RAD).

Anyone using Python?

  • Organization Google, Instagram, Pinterest, Dropbox, YouTube.
  • Profession software engineer, backend developer, Python developers and programmers.
  • Industry already membership ⎼ web and internet, scientific and numerical computation, serta graphical user interface (GUIs).

Usage example: implementation of artificial intelligence (TO THE) di Civilization 4, Integrated Planning System di NASA.

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2. Java programming language

logo java

Java is arguably a fairly old programming language. This one language was developed in 1990 and only released to the public in 1995.

However, precisely because of this age, Java is in demand by many developers until now. because, compared to others, Java has gone through a lot of testing and updating.

This is what makes Java adaptable to the needs of the times. No wonder, if a lot of programs run with Java. Starting from a laptop, datacenter, games, cell phone, etc.

Why you should learn Java?

  • Lots of video games, smartphone app, and web applications made with Java.
  • Java is the main programming language in Android application development.

Anyone using Java?

  • Organization eBay, Eurotech, V2COM.
  • Profession software engineer, Java developers.
  • Industry and expertise Internet of Things (IoT), Cloud Computing

Usage example: used to create Adobe Creative Suite, Minecraft, dan Open Office.

3. programming language Java Script

logo javascript

This is the most popular language among developers. For seven years in a row, JavaScript registered itself as the language most used by developers

In fact, it's not surprising. because, JavaScript is the only language that perfectly integrated with HTML and CSS, automate multiple responses from the server, and of course compatible with all browsers.

Besides being used to change the appearance of websites or applications,, JavaScript can also be used to run more sophisticated things. For example, to check whether an email address is valid and display the results to the user.

Why you should learn JavaScript?

  • It's easy for beginners to learn.
  • Seamlessly integrates with other programming languages.
  • Can be used with many other applications.

Anyone using JavaScript?

  • Organization WordPress, SoundCloud, than LinkedIn.
  • Profession software engineer, JavaScript developers, web developer.
  • Industry and expertise Front end development, games development.

Usage example: used to make games, API, and a more dynamic website display.

4. C#

logo c#

C# (read: C-sharp) is a language commonly used for a variety of purposes. Starting from website development, Windows applications, up to games.

Apart from being versatile, C# is quite famous for being friendly to developers of all skill levels. From beginners to pros.

Developer pro, agree that C# is not too complex. It even makes it easier for them when it comes to writing programs that are rather complex and need to be edited-scale up.

On the other hand, C# doesn't take long for beginners to understand this one language. Especially if you already have basic C language skills.

Why you should learn C#?

  • Often used to develop web apps, windows application, and games.
  • Has many features that speed up and make it easier for developers to develop a program.
  • Easy to manage and expand to be bigger (easy-to-maintain and scalable).

Anyone using C#?

  • Organization Microsoft Intel.
  • Profession software engineer, C# developers, automation tester.
  • Industry and expertise Windows based platform.

Usage example: used by developers to build XML and virtual reality technologies (VR).

5. PHP programming language

logo php

PHP is actually a multifunctional programming language. It is just, it is mostly used to develop websites. Even, 79 percent websites in the world using PHP.

One of the functions of PHP in website development is to create dynamic and interactive displays. At first glance this function is similar to JavaScript, it's just that PHP can do it more sophisticatedly.

PHP can display more interactive and updated content. For example, as in sosmed. Each time you change your profile, PHP will store the data for display. In this way, you can see different content every time.

Why you should learn PHP?

  • Used on websites or applications that collect and record user data.
  • Used to develop dynamic web or apps from the server side.
  • Enter the LAMP bundle (Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP).

Anyone using PHP?

  • Organization Facebook and Yahoo.
  • Profession WordPress developer,PHP developer dan software engineer.
  • Industry and expertise web app development, server side scripting (backend), command line scripting.

Usage example: used in various content management systems such as WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal.

6. C

logo c

If the programming language has a father, This C may be "the person". The C language was first developed in 1972 to support UNIX operating systems. Then from here, emerging more sophisticated programming languages ​​such as JavaScript, C++, Java C#, etc.

Based on this history, learning C actually benefits you who are just starting to jump into learning programming. Because, C language has a similar concept with other programming languages.

Starting from data types, operator, instructions, and other things. Therefore, it will be very easy for you to adapt to other languages.

Why should you learn C?

  • Includes the foundation for writing various operating system programs.
  • Very easy to master, just need to understand 32 keyword.
  • Widely used to create computer programs such as desktop applications, Chrome extension, database MySQL, etc.

Anyone using C?

  • Organization Apple, Microsoft, Cisco.
  • Profession software developer, web content admin, computer engineers.
  • Industry and expertise artificial intelligent, computer graphics, image processing, game development.

Usage example: used to develop application systems on various operating systems such as Microsoft, Linux, and UNIX.

7. R

logo r

Different from what was discussed here, R is a language that is specifically used to process data and statistics. All data processing methods, can be done in this language. Starting from machine learning algorithms, regresi linear, time series, etc.

As a very, very data-driven language, interestingly R is not only used by academics. In fact, a lot of IT companies are implementing the R language into their systems.

This company uses R to map online trends related to their industry. Armed with this data, the company will get insight that is used for decision making.

Why should you learn R?

  • The best language for processing data and statistics to gain insight.
  • Flexibility to use on various platforms and operating systems.
  • Has a variety of packages for all data analysis needs.
  • Quite difficult to learn, but that's exactly what makes R linguists expensive.

Anyone who wears R?

  • Organization Facebook, Google, Twitter.
  • Profession R developer, data scientist, data analyst..
  • Industry and expertise statistics, data analysis, algoritma machine learning.

Usage example: used for data analysis, statistical model, data visualization, machine learning, etc.

8. Objective-C

logo objective c

If Microsoft has C#, Apple has a language called Objective-C. This is a language that Apple developed in 1983. Goal, specifically to overcome the shortcomings of the C bahasa language.

at a glance, Objective-C is indeed similar to C. Only in this version, Apple adds custom syntax for classes and methods. There is also additional language-level support for object graphs and object literal.

Why you should learn Objective-C?

  • The main programming language for the iOS operating system and its APIs.
  • Compatible with C and C++ languages, make the integration process smoother.
  • More stable, does not require much migration to the latest version.
  • The number of Objective-C developers is getting smaller, making it much sought after.

Anyone using Objective-C?

  • Organization Apple.
  • Profession IT & web content admin, iOS and Android app developer, software engineers.
  • Industry and expertise software development.

Usage example: used to develop Apple product-specific programs.

9. Swift

logo swift

Swift is a young programming language. It was only introduced by Apple in 2014. Function, specific for developing apps on iOS and MacOS. A year after, then Swift was made open-source and cross-platform.

Compared to its predecessor, Swift has more advantages. It tends to be faster, safe, easy to read, the number of codes is small, not error prone, and interactive.

Thanks to a number of these advantages, no wonder if Lyft app code successfully rewritten to Swift and trimmed lines of code. Specifically, number of lines of code 75 thousand was successfully reduced to 25 only thousand.

Why you should learn Swift?

  • Many iOS app developers are switching from Objective-C to Swift.
  • Don't have many codes, simpler.
  • Have a system to avoid coding errors.
  • Guaranteed safety, easy to read, and fast.

Anyone using Swift?

  • Organization Apple, Getty Images, Slack.
  • Profession Swift Platform Developers, iOS mobile app developer, data engineers.
  • Industry and expertise software development.

Usage example: used to develop apps on iOS and OS X..

10. Ruby

logo ruby

Ruby is a programming language that is quite widely used by startup. No wonder, because this language is very, very flexible and easy to use.

The syntax that Ruby has is closest to English. Even, so easy to understand, even people who don't understand programming can know what Ruby is doing.

About flexibility, Ruby is also incomparable. This language allows you to condense multiple lines of code into one line. Not only that, With Ruby you can do things in many ways.

Why you should learn Ruby?

  • Used to create simulations and 3D modeling.
  • Used to manage and track information.
  • Have full features to build a web app.

Anyone who wears Ruby?

  • Organization Github, Scribd, Google.
  • Profession Ruby on Rails developer, software engineer, data science engineers.
  • Industry and expertise web app development, networking, sysadmin and security.

Usage example: used to develop Amazon and Twitter.

11. C++

logo c++

C++ is a kind of middle level programming language. It means, C++ can be used to run system programming. However, can also be used to develop large-scale applications such as Photoshop, Media Player, and others.

Because of this versatile nature, C++ is usually the first language taught when learning programming. Not to mention that C++ has a fairly complete standard library and relatively fast program execution time.

Why you should learn C++?

  • Found in many operating systems, and GUIs.
  • Similar to C# and Java, compatible with C . language.
  • Simplify the development process because the structure is clear and allows code to be reused (reused).

Anyone using C++?

  • Organization Amazon, Firefox, Google.
  • Profession C++ software engineers dan software developer, programmer analyst.
  • Industry and expertise application software, client-server apps, drivers.

Usage example: used to develop Microsoft Suite, Adobe, dan Firefox.

12. SQL

logo sql

SQL is a special language used to manage and retrieve specific information from databases.

By using SQL, You can store thousands or even millions of detailed information about anything in the database.

That's why SQL is more widely used by many large-scale companies.

Why you should learn SQL?

  • Standard programming language for managing database.
  • Always used in conjunction with other programming languages.
  • Capable of storing and managing up to millions to billions of data cells.

Anyone using SQL?

  • Organization Almost all organizations and companies use SQL to collect data.
  • Profession SQL server developers, database tester, database admin.
  • Industry and expertise data analysis, big data mining.

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