3 Cara Memperbaiki Motherboard : No Display, Mati Total, Sering Restart. Paling umum kerusakan pada motherboard ada dua yaitu no display dan mati total.
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3 How to Repair Motherboard : No Display, Totally dead, Frequent Restart

3 How to Repair Motherboard : No Display, Totally dead, Frequent Restart. The most common damage to the motherboard is that there are two, namely no display and total death.


Before trying to fix, try asking yourself. Did you previously understand electronic components?, how to order correctly and the most trivial thing is to understand motherboard parts and their functions.

If you can't answer the questions above, you should refrain from trying to repair the motherboard yourself because it will be difficult for you and can affect other components that should still be able to be used..

Ingredients :

The materials to be prepared are :

  1. Screwdriver,
  2. Solder,
  3. Soldered copper wire,
  4. Paintbrush / vacuum cleaner,
  5. Components to replace, this must be checked physically first by disassembling the motherboard to find out which components are no longer functioning or burned.

After everything is ready, let's immediately practice.

Method 1 : Fix Motherboard No Display

For this one problem, the author often fixes it himself. It's easy, unlike a totally dead motherboard.

  1. The first step : check the cable connecting to the monitor or LCD. Usually a bit loose which causes the computer to turn on but there is no display or no display.
  2. Step Two : if you've done the first step but still can't. Disconnect the power cable and the cable to the LCD if you don't want to be electrocuted.
  3. Third step :remove the CMOS battery
  4. Complete Fourth : release the RAM, then clean the motherboard, RAM, VGA and other components . Wait a minute 1 hours after that install everything and try to turn it on.
    Make sure when turned on there are no beeps, if the sound means that when installing RAM or other components it is not correct. From the author's experience until here the computer can return to normal.
  5. Step Five : if it's still not turned on too, remove the VGA and clean all the dust that sticks. Then try to install it again. If it doesn't work, it can also be a cable, RAM, A faulty VGA or motherboard itself or a monitor that doesn't work properly.

Method 2 : Repairing a Totally Dead Motherboard

Before trying to fix it, Let me see the characteristics of a damaged motherboard and check motherboard is dead or not.

  1. The first step : test power supply tanpa motherboard dead or not. If the power supply rotates then it can still be used. This is to find out if the power supply is still in good condition or damaged. If it's good, it's likely that the motherboard is damaged.
    In this step you also have to check the power supply socket and power supply cable whether it is damaged or not.
  2. Step Two : one of the reasons why the computer can't turn on because of the wrong CMOS setting / BIOS. Therefore we need a clear CMOS jumper ( reset BIOS matherboard ). After doing the jumper try to turn it on whether it can or not.
  3. Third step : check IC Chipset whether it overheats or not when the PC is turned on. If it overheats it could be a damaged IC. At this stage you must have electronic skills.
    Also check the regulator IC and Elco with capacity 1000 s/d 3300 uf / 10 Volt.
  4. Fourth Step : Check the processor is it still working well or not. Because the processor is a computer component which is the brain that runs the process and controls the work of the computer by cooperating with other computer devices.

Can the motherboard live or not?, it takes a few tries. If you've tried several times but no result, it's better to replace it with a new one than damage the other components. To choose motherboard the new one should see the compatibility with the existing component.

Method 3 : Fixing Motherboard Often Restarts

  1. The first step : check supply voltage, if the voltage is not stable it can cause the computer to often restart itself. Also check the power supply is working well or not. Try the volt stabilizer rather the power supply voltage remains stable.
  2. Step Two : check hard drive, usually a weak hard drive can cause it to restart itself. Test first before replacing the new hard drive with another hard drive.
  3. Third step : check RAM by replacing other RAM.
  4. Fourth Step : if it was normal before but suddenly found symptoms like this. Try to remember - remember what additional hardware has been installed before?. Sound card, VGA card, LAN card or others. Try taking it off first and see if it's normal after removing it.
  5. Step Five : try to check the VGA or other components that have not been checked may not be installed properly or have been damaged.
  6. Step Six :make sure the motherboard and other computer components are clean and the fans are working properly.

If everything has been done, but it could still be a computer affected by a virus or excessive heat released.


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