5 Cara meningkatkan Domain Authority
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5 How to increase Domain Authority

5 How to increase Domain Authority, Domain Authority touted as one of the factors that can affect your site's ranking in search engines.


So that you can better understand what it is domain authority and how how to upgrade domain authority tersebut perhatikan ulasan berikut ini.

5 Cara meningkatkan Domain Authority
5 How to increase Domain Authority

Definition Domain Authority


Domain Authority is a score that indicates the likelihood that a page on a site will rank in search engines.

even so, need to know that Domain Authority or DA is not a metric used by Google to rank sites on search engine pages. Domain authority adalah skor yang dikembangkan oleh Moz untuk memahami dan memprediksi seberapa kuat situs di halaman hasil mesin pencarian.

Then what is domain authority still important and useful for your site's SEO efforts? Tentu.

Although Google shares practices and factors that affect ranking in search engines, tapi Google tidak pernah benar-benar mengungkapkan dengan jelas dan tepat bagaimana sebuah situs mendapat peringkat untuk kata kunci tertentu.

Nah, domain authority bisa menjadi representasi dari lanskap pencarian dan kunci untuk memahami mengapa sebuah situs memiliki peringkat yang lebih tinggi dibanding yang lain.


Domain Authority shows how credible a site is among other sites based on several factors, one of them backlink.

For example, site A links site B on their site, then the link can improve domain authority situs B dan meningkatkan kemungkinan halaman situs tersebut mendapat peringkat di mesin pencarian.

Domain authority itself is measured by a scale 1 until 100. The higher the score domain authority you, berarti situs kamu cenderung memiliki peluang mendapat peringkat yang lebih tinggi di mesin pencari.

Otherwise, if your DA score is lower, means that there is a possibility that you will find it difficult to rank especially on keyword competitive.

From here it can be seen that domain authority can also help you understand your opportunities and your ability to compete in keyword that you may not have targeted or for content that you have not written.

How to upgrade Domain Authority

There are many factors that can affect the increase in the DA score, e.g. content quality, proper on-page SEO, backlink from quality to technical matters such as site loading speed and mobile-friendly.

With these many factors, Of course it will take some time to build Domain Authority apalagi sejak pertama kali kamu mendaftarkan domain.

Although it takes time to get high DA, but there are some how to upgrade Domain Authority what you can do, as:

1. Get link from the site with Domain Authority tall

Get a lot backlink quality from sites with high DA is one way to increase Domain Authority and Page Authority yang efektif.

One way to get backlink quality one that what you can try is to do guest posting.

2. Create quality content

To get backlink from sites with high DA, Of course, what you shouldn't miss is creating quality content that is worth linking to.

When people find your content useful, they don't hesitate to share it with others.

This will help you increase your chances of getting backlink quality from sites with high DA, such as educational institutions or government agencies.

Get backlink from different sites will also increase domain root kamu dan menjaga DA tetap tinggi.

Take a look at the content you've uploaded and see which ones are the most popular, then analyze and create similar topics and content types.

3. Perform site audit and delete link-link spam

Though backlink important to increase your site's DA and ranking, but keep in mind that not all backlink itu baik.

Backlink originating from the site spam in large quantities can also lower your DA score, can even get you a penalty from Google.

To avoid this, you should do periodic site audits to find spam link and delete it as soon as possible. You can use tools SEO to identify link which one is in the category spam the.

If you can't delete link the, You can use the Google Search Console to decline or ignore link that. That way, Google crawler will not take into account spammy backlink tersebut ketika mengindeks situs kamu.

4. Optimize structure and user experience site

Remember that one of the factors that influence Domain Authority adalah struktur situs kamu dan seberapa ramah bagi pengguna.

With the right site structure, search engines will certainly be easier to do crawl ke halaman situs kamu dan mengindekskannya pada hasil pencarian.

To ease crawler search engine, you can create a sitemap containing all the important and helpful pages search engine melakukan navigasi situs dengan mudah.

Meanwhile to improve user experience, you can focus on optimizing a mobile friendly site because Google also prioritizes mobile devices.

In addition you also have to make sure your site is safe, misalnya dengan mendapatkan sertifikat SSL dan memindahkan situs ke HTTPS.

5. Upgrade internal links

Focus on improving structure internal link on your site. By increasing internal link on site, you can keep visitors engaged and reduce bounce rate.

Internal link also easy search engine bots to do crawl dan mengindeks halaman situs kamu.

Another benefit of having structure internal link what's right is that you can continue link juice from one page to another. Link juice is an SEO term that refers to the value of a page that is passed on to other web pages.

Link juice It is important to convince search engines that with many link which leads to your website page shows your site can be trusted. This will certainly help you increase your site's DA.

That's some how to upgrade domain authority yang bisa kamu coba.

Regardless of the previous few ways, It is important for you to note that the things that must be ensured when you want to improve Domain Authority your site is increasing effort on-page nor off page SEO. Karena itu fokuslah menerapkan strategi optimasi situs kamu dengan baik dari sekarang.



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