7 Profesi untuk Lulusan Teknologi Pangan , Apa Saja?
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7 Profession for Food Technology Graduates , Anything?

7 Profession for Food Technology Graduates , Anything? Do you want to study food technology but are still hesitating?? It's better to make your choice because the technology major has quite a variety of job prospects. There anything?, because food technology is very influential in our daily lives, especially for our health, let's take care of our health with food that is very good for health and our immune system is good for immunity… Happy reading

The following is 7 profession for graduates majoring in food technology quoted from Top Universities:

1. Food Scientist

Of course a food scientist is the first reason someone majors in food technology. In this profession, you will work with research teams and develop new recipes using interesting new ingredients. In addition, pay attention to the nutritional value contained in each food.

You also have to make sure the food is safe and quality. This profession has high standards of cleanliness and safety, problem solving ability, and the ability to work in a team.
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2. Nutrition Therapist

If you are someone who is good at interpreting difficult facts and explaining concepts in a clear and informative way then the nutrition therapist profession is for you.. This profession requires the ability to work privately, helping people by making dietary recommendations from their experiences.

3. Quality Assurance Manager

Quality assurance manager is the police in the food industry. Individuals working in quality assurance ensure that food products meet the correct standards set out in regulations and comply with all internal and external requirements.

This profession also requires the ability to collect and interpret data based on existing regulations and procedures. In addition, he is also tasked with reporting new findings to senior managers to improve a product.

This profession also requires the ability to think logically, organized and strategic, with good problem solving skills.
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4. Koki

For those of you who are graduates of food technology and a hobby of cooking, Becoming a chef is also an option. Food technology graduates are highly skilled at understanding how the food industry evolves.

5. Marketing Manager

Even though you are a food technology graduate, working in the creative industry is still very possible. You can choose to work in the food marketing field.

Working in food marketing will be very challenging because you will be dealing with perishable products. This is due to changing supplier conditions and consumer trends. The knowledge in food engineering will certainly be very useful.

6. Procurement or Purchasing Manager

Procurement is all about getting and buying things at the best prices. In the food business, this can mean buying materials, materials for cleaning, or operational requirements (e.g. electricity, machine) or company (for example insurance, phone contract).

You must have excellent interpersonal skills as you will always be in touch with suppliers to ensure that goods and services are delivered on time and at the right price..

In addition to the ability to negotiate, organized, and able to adapt well to change, because these are all skills that are often used in work.

7 Profesi untuk Lulusan Teknologi Pangan , Apa Saja?
7 Profession for Food Technology Graduates , Anything?

7. Toxicologist

Toxicology is the study of toxic substances and how they affect humans, animal, and environment. This study studies food, air, air, and soil to determine how different chemicals and biological substances change them and assess the risk or potential for harmful effects.

To be a toxicologist, background in science is important. Besides that, you will also make many hypotheses for tests and make reports to write.

You must also have the ability to think logically with good writing and speaking skills. Food technology graduates can also work in this profession.

How are you interested in becoming a food technology graduate?? Don't worry anymore!

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