9 manfaat buah manggis
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9 Benefits of Mangosteen

Benefits Mangosteen is a tropical fruit from Asia and is commonly found in India, Malaysia, and Indonesia. A type of fruit with a Latin name Garcinia mangostana It has a distinctive sweet and sour taste, so it is liked and quite popular among the public. However, not only good to eat, Mangosteen fruit also has a myriad of benefits, efficacy, and nutritional content that is useful for your health.


The various nutritional content of this fruit can help meet nutritional needs as well as improve body health, including for those of you who want lose weight. Come on, know more about the nutritional content and benefits of the mangosteen fruit!

The nutritional content of the mangosteen fruit

The past few years, mangosteen rind benefits became popular because of its use as herbal medicine. reality, not only skin, All parts of the mangosteen fruit also contain nutrients that are beneficial for your body's health.

9 manfaat buah manggis
9 mangosteen fruit benefits

Reported from Indonesia's Food Composition Data, Nutritional or nutritional content of 100 grams of raw mangosteen is:

  • Air: 83 gram
  • Energy : 63 kal
  • Protein: 0,6 gram
  • Fat: 0,6 gram
  • Carbohydrate: 15,6 gram
  • Fiber: 1,5 gram
  • Abu:; 0,2 gram
  • Calcium: 8 mg
  • Phosphor: 12 mg
  • Iron: 0,8 mg
  • sodium: 10 mg
  • Potassium: 61,9 mg
  • Copper: 0,10 mg
  • Seng: 0,1 mg
  • Vitamin B1: 0,03 mg
  • Vitamin B2: 0,03 mg
  • Niacin: 0,3 mg
  • Vitamin C: 5 mg
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Apart from vitamins, mineral, and other nutrients, Mangosteen fruit also contains xanthones, are bioactive compounds in plants that have antioxidant. As for one type of xanthones compound stored in the mangosteen fruit is gartanin. In addition to the antioxidant effect, This gartanin compound also has an anti-inflammatory effect, antifungal, and even powerful anticancer.


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What are the benefits of the mangosteen fruit??

Based on the above nutritional contents, Some of the benefits stored in the mangosteen fruit are::

1. Help lose weight

The most famous benefit of the mangosteen fruit is to help lose weight. Studies published in Journal of medicinal food on 2016 found that, mice that consumed mangosteen extract experienced weight loss significantly compared to those who did not consume it.

However, Previous studies in humans have also mentioned, people who consume 90-270 ml of mangosteen juice twice a day tends to have body mass index (BMI) the lower. Researchers believe that the anti-inflammatory effects of xanthones can reduce inflammation in overweight individuals, so that these benefits can appear.

BMI calculator

2. Control blood sugar levels

Various studies on the mangosteen fruit found the fact that xanthones and fiber compounds in it can help maintain blood sugar levels. One of them, namely the study in 2018 published in the journal Nutrients.

The study found that women obesity who consume 400 mg of mangosteen extract every day decreased insulin resistance significant. Insulin resistance is one of the risk factors for high blood sugar levels diabetes.

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3. Boost the immune system

Mangosteen fruit contains vitamin C and fiber, both of which are important for the human immune system. Vitamin C has antioxidant properties and plays a role in improving immune cell function, so it can reduce the risk of disease. While fiber plays a role in digestive system, which is also an important component in human immunity.

Not just vitamin C and fiber, The benefits of this mangosteen fruit can also be felt because of the antibacterial properties of the bioactive compounds in it. These compounds can help fight harmful bacteria, which can cause various diseases.

4. Maintain skin health

Not only fighting disease, The antioxidant and antibacterial effects of the mangosteen fruit can also help keep skin healthy. This is evidenced through a small study published in journal of clinical biochemistry and nutrition.

The research found that, someone who consumes mangosteen extract 100 mg every day has better skin elasticity. He also experienced a reduction in compounds that cause skin aging after consuming the fruit extract.

5. Prevent cancer

In addition to the above properties, Another well-known benefit of the mangosteen fruit is to: prevent cancer. Because, Xanthones compounds in the mangosteen fruit are believed to have anticancer properties, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory that can help fight the growth and spread of cancer cells.

Although a number of studies have been carried out on the efficacy of this mangosteen fruit,, but the results in humans are still very limited. Therefore, Further research is needed on the effects of the mangosteen fruit as a cancer prevention agent in humans.

6. Relieves arthritis

According to the Mayo Clinic, A number of laboratory and animal studies have shown that mangosteen has a strong anti-inflammatory effect. Therefore, This fruit is often said to help reduce inflammation and pain in sufferers arthritis (arthritis).

This has not been fully proven in humans. However, based on research published in journals PeerJ on 2019, Xanthones bioactive compounds in mangosteen can fight inflammation and protect various body organs, including joints.

7. Maintain heart health

Another benefit of the mangosteen fruit that is a pity to miss is to maintain health heart. This is proven through several studies conducted on animals. One of them is a study published in the journal BMC complementary and alternative medicine on 2016.

According to the research, polyphenol in the mangosteen fruit can reduce levels of triglycerides and cholesterol bad and increase good cholesterol in mice. Therefore, This fruit is believed to reduce the risk of heart disease. Nevertheless, further research is needed to prove it in humans.

8. Maintain brain and mental health

Not only heart, Some studies also show that the mangosteen fruit has efficacy for maintain brain health. This fruit is said to reduce inflammation in the brain and help treatment mental disorders specific to mice.


For example, studies published in journals Psychiatry on 2019 mention, antioxidant compounds in mangosteen (one of them is xanthones) can be used as an additional treatment to treat bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. other than that, Other studies also mention, depressive symptoms in rats were shown to improve with the administration of mangosteen fruit extract. Even, the effect is the same as antidepressant drugs imipramine.

9. Maintain digestive health

Mangosteen is one of the high fiber food what you need to consume. Because, by consuming fiber, Your digestive health will be maintained and you will avoid various diseases in the digestive system.

Institute of Medicine (IOM) recommend, you should consume approx 19-38 grams of fiber per day to help maintain digestive health. Apart from mangosteen, You can also meet the needs of fiber from other foods, like vegetables.


Things to watch out for when eating mangosteen fruit

Mangosteen is a fruit that is easily found in Indonesia. Therefore, You can get the benefits of the mangosteen fruit above by eating the fruit directly. other than that, This fruit is also considered safe for consumption by anyone. Hence the fruit Mangosteen is also good for pregnant women and breastfeeding.

However, you should avoid consuming mangosteen fruit in the form of juice or canned, especially if you have diabetes. Because, Mangosteen fruit in this form contains extra sugar which is actually not good for your condition.

other than that, Consuming mangosteen fruit to treat certain diseases also needs to be careful. It's best to ask your doctor directly to get the right treatment for your condition. It's better to ask the doctor whether eating the mangosteen fruit can be done as an additional treatment.


Because, eating mangosteen fruit, especially in the form of juices or certain herbal supplements, it can actually be harmful to the health of some people. For sufferers cancer, for example, consuming mangosteen fruit extract in supplement form may interfere with the cancer treatment that is being undertaken.

other than that, The xanthones content of the mangosteen fruit in herbal supplements can also slow the blood clotting process. Therefore, if you have problems with blood clotting or are taking blood thinners, you should avoid this mangosteen fruit extract.


source : https://hellosehat.com/nutrisi/fakta-gizi/manfaat-buah-manggis/


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