Cabor Paralayang PON XX Papua Catatkan Rekor MURI
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Paragliding Sport PON XX Papua Record MURI Record

Jayapura: Paragliding Sport PON XX Papua Record MURI Record, Paragliding at the National Sports Week (MON) XX Papua 2021 record the Indonesian Record Museum (IN) on the number of cross-country tandem followed 22 parachute or 44 person.

That record is the most tandem parachute fly, performed at Bukit Kampung Buton Skyline, Entropy, South Jayapura District, Jayapura City.

Indonesian Paragliding Chairman Wahyu Yudha said that this record was recorded in Papua, where the XC tandem parachute has never flown before.. “Today is the time of the Papua PON paragliding competition, cross country tandem number, we also recorded a MURI record by flying the most tandem parachute parachutes, amount 22 parachute or 44 athlete,” he said, Tuesday (5/10).

According to Revelation, future hope, local government both district, cities can support the development of paragliding throughout Indonesia. “Because it is supported by a very strategic geographical location, suitable for paragliding activities, not just for the direction of achievement, but also for recreation,” he said.

He explained, The development of this sport can be done by means of education (paragliding education). Especially for local youth to become paragliding athletes, at the same time it can also be a paragliding guide for tourists in the future.

Previously, the sport on Monday (3/10) has completed the first round of cross country events (cross country), good for individual male category, individual daughter, men's team and women's team.

This cross-country number was followed by all athletes consisting of 46 male athlete and 18 female athletes from nine provinces, where this activity was carried out in the paragliding arena of Kampung Buton, Jayapura City.

Meanwhile on Friday (1/10), Paragliding has completed the fourth round of landing accuracy in PON XX Papua. This landing accuracy tandem number is followed by 23 paragliding athletes (total 46 person) from nine provinces

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