Cara bikin Tulisan Miring & Berwarna di WhatsApp ? Ini Caranya
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how to make italics & Color on WhatsApp ? Here's How, WhatsApp belongs to Facebook Inc. become one of the most popular chat applications in the world because this messaging application is the most widely used in the world. Its various features also make users get a cool experience.

On 2020, Techcrunch notes, the number of monthly active users (monthly active user/MAU) WhatsApp reaches 2 billion users.

This time, one advantage of WhatsApp(WA) Another WA is, WA users can also change writing to be more interesting and not only monotonous. Changing the text can be done without having to add another application.

For example, italics that can be presented by adding an underscore (_) on the front and back of the writing. An example is _text_.

other than that, users can also make it bold until it is crossed out.

Here's how, as quoted from the Twitter account WhatsApp:

Bold Writing

To make the text bold, you can add a star symbol (*) on both sides of the writing. Example: *text*

Strikethrough Tulisan

Meanwhile, to make the writing look like it was crossed out, you can add a tickle tanda (~) on the front and back of the writing. Example: ~text~

Monospace writing

Monospace can be obtained by placing three backtick marks (`) in front and behind the writing. Example “`text`

Color Writing

As for colored writing, different way with italics, because it requires another application. While italics comes with just adding an underscore (_) on both sides of the writing.

To make colorful writing, you need to download the Fancy Text application + Sticker Maker (WASticker Apps) of Play Store. Then when finished open the application and select “Fancy Text” and start “Start Writing”.

After that, in the column provided, write whatever you want. Next, you will see many data-style options in the Blue Text application.

Over there, one of them the user can make writing from black to blue. After that the user is given three options namely 'Copy Text', ‘WhatsApp’, dan ‘Share Text’, select the 'WhatsApp' option.

Later the user will be taken directly to the WhatsApp application. Users can choose which friends they want to send the colored text to. Besides that, you can also add it to the status feature.

There are many options available in Fancy Text + Sticker Maker (WASticker Apps). Launch, for example available 50 usable writing style.

In addition there are also 30 font type, freehand pencil for users to make stickers. There are also clipart and sticker packs so users can create custom stickers.

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