Cara Melepas IC CHIPS SMD Tanpa Solder Uap
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How to Remove SMD IC CHIPS Without Soldering Steam

How to Remove SMD IC CHIPS Without Soldering Steam, on modern TVs currently applying SMD technology (surface mount device ) means the component is mounted on the PCB surface ,or pasted. This is because PCB technology is increasingly advanced with multi-layer technology (more than two layers).

For technicians, especially those in the field, I will give TIPS or experience. This is not solely to fool YOU but just to share experiences ,Do not do this when you are not sure, The following tips do not apply to very small components such as for HP . Should only be tried for TV or VCD .

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Actually the TIPS that I will present are including old school or ancient times ,For seniors or elders ,must have experienced in the past ,where at that time removing the soldering tin do not use a tin straw (solder sucker) ,so in the old days, if you removed the IC, you used a solder wick (copper fiber wrapped around the antenna cable )if in the past the antenna cable was good, it was still using copper fiber. then Gondorukem (Javanese language ) Or Cat's Eye (Sundanese language ) is the material for batik, the color is yellow like alum ,when heated it melts. Many are sold in iron shops and chemical stores. The nature of this gondorukem if it is exposed to thinner or gasoline or spirit will melt ,if it is heated together with tin, the adhesive power of tin is getting better. now it is widely sold in electronic stores with various brands such as LOFET , ,or,solder paste.


Well, from that nature, in ancient times when removing tin, many people used this method. How to solder a wick (the copper fiber is heated and then applied to the gondorukem then the smeared fiber is attached to the foot of the ic or tin to be sucked ,then the tin is busy and sticks to the copper fibers that have been smeared with gondorukem. If the tin has all been followed, it means that the PCB is empty, aka exhausted.,It's easy to remove the IC if you have a hole in your leg.

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Now, let's apply this old school technique to modern TVs.

The tool that must be prepared to remove the SMD IC is :

  1. Solder that we usually use every day
  2. Solder wick if you have one, if you don't have one, use copper fiber
  3. gondorukem or solder paste
  4. thinner for washing
  5. email wire ,small size. what is suitable is the email used in the coil (degausing coil) which is broadcast on CRT Tv ,take off the tape insulation then take the email wire . The nature of this enamel is slippery and lead cannot stick to the enamel.

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The steps are as follows :

  • first smear the legs of the SMD IC that we will release ,everything is smooth ,but don't do too much because there will be a lot of smoke
  • Insert the email wire into the SMD interstices ,for example, from one leg to the other until the wire comes out at the other end .
  • hold solder with right hand and left hand hold email
  • then heat the IC legs with solder until the tin appears to have melted ,well the left hand holding the email wire slowly pulls the land horizontal to our stomach ,be careful not to be pulled vertically ,this will cause the IC leg to break
  • Paste the solder in sequence, eg starting from the foot to the very end. Do the same thing for the next row. If you have a square, you have to do it four times. .
  • Don't forget to make sure that the Ic's legs have all been peeled off by entering the email between the ic's legs and then pulling horizontally to our stomach ,Well, if there are no obstacles, it means that all the legs are free ,
  • If you are sure that all the legs are loose, then we pry the IC smd with the smallest and most flat screwdriver. . Usually the IC is given adhesive glue
  • Then clean it with the PCB thinner .

The end result is like this ,the components around the IC are safe and the PCB is not brownish

IC smd 1

Hopefully the article is useful

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