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HOW TO REPAIR A DAMAGED LAPTOP ITS POWER IC, Laptops are electronic devices that can help us work at home or in the office, don't let this laptop die completely or hang. So we need to be careful in use and care.

Use of laptops according to needs only, For example, our laptop is supported for working on office applications, don't use it for playing games. If you want to play games, you can buy a gaming laptop like asus rog, dell alienware dll

laptop game dell alienware ic power
Dell alienware laptop for gaming

Gaming laptops have been designed with sufficient cooling to run gaming applications, a laptop for office work, the processor cooling system is not as good as a gamer's laptop. There are currently some Intel Celeron processor netbooks or laptops that are not used processor fan, only use aluminum plate as a coolant.

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The effect of excessive heat can cause damage to the processor, especially now the next generation processor 4 above is already onboard. So if there is damage to the processor, it is difficult to replace it or expensive. The cost of repairing or replacing a processor is almost the same as replacing a new motherboard.

As long as you buy the motherboard, don't buy it at the laptop service center that you have. The price of the motherboard at the service center can be like buying a new laptop, he said so....

In addition to the use that is tailored to the needs, don't forget to take care of it. The care for the keyboard is cleaned using a brush or vacuum. Care for the laptop lcd by wiping with a wet tissue so that the dirt and dust that sticks can be collected and the image display becomes clearer.

What if our laptop dies, What to do? If we don't know about the electronic problem, we should take it to the nearest and trusted repairman.

Let's get to know laptop damage as basic knowledge about the types of laptop damage.

Laptops consist of a power supply component and a digital component. Power supply components such as IC charger, ic power, ic ram, The processor ic is a component that provides a voltage source.

IC Charger Laptop

ic charger laptop
Schematic drawing IC charger laptop
In the picture there is a description of the Adapter as a power source, The pack is a laptop battery and system

The ic charger is an ic component that converts and acts as a voltage selector from the adapter or from the battery to the system. Charging the laptop battery also through this ic charger.

Example of a charger IC on a laptop asus lenovo acer BQ24725A (BQ25A), BQ737, BQ728

Fungsi ic charger laptop

  1. Voltage source to ic power, if the charging ic is damaged the laptop will automatically turn off completely.
  2. To charge laptop battery
  3. Set the use of the power source from the battery or from the adapter. Laptop can be turned on without battery, and if the battery has contents without an adapter the laptop can live.

Characteristics of IC damage Charger

  1. Totally dead laptop, if electric current cannot enter the system. The charging indicator light is off.
  2. The laptop can live if it is charged and battery must be installed.
  3. The laptop can turn on if battery released (The condition of the battery is full).
  4. Can't charge good battery. There is a charging information on the windows indicator.
  5. If the battery has power, after the adapter is off. There is also a battery read 100% contents but there is no electric power when measured with an avo meter.

Examples of cases of component damage in the ic charger circuit that caused the lenovo ideapad laptop 110 AMD A8 can't charge. But you can still live normally if you use a laptop battery. If the battery is removed it is difficult to turn it on and if you want to turn on the laptop does not show a picture, and the fan spins fast.

IC power laptop

ic power laptop
schematic example ic power laptop
on the VIN image the voltage from the battery or adapter, EN and Entrip signal to activate the voltage from ic power.

IC power is an ic component that changes the voltage 19 volts from the system into a smaller voltage to activate the ic ram, processor ic. In ic power there is also a digital command before generating voltage 3 and 5 volt.

An example of a Power IC on an asus lenovo acer laptop is RT8223B/P/C, TPS51125A, RT8205A, ISL62366, RT8206A.

Fungsi ic power laptop

  1. Converting voltage from 19 adapter volts into 3volts and 5volts.
  2. Voltage 3 volts for digital component supply and voltage 5 volts for usb, hard drive.
  3. The voltage generated by ic power is also to activate ic memory, processor ic.
  4. So if there is a power ic damage, the laptop will definitely die completely.
  5. Become a laptop control system voltage source.
  6. Is a voltage source for IC bios.
  7. In this ic power there is also a digital command, voltage conditions 3 and 5 the volt is active, it needs an enable signal condition too.

Characteristics of broken Power IC

  1. None of the laptop indicator lights are on.
  2. Voltage at switch on . button / off none.
  3. The voltage in the system already exists 19 volt.
  4. There is no voltage to the bios IC.
  5. Voltage to control IO is missing.

IC ram or memory

IC ram is an ic component that changes the voltage from a 5volt source to 1.5v DDR3 PC3, 1,35v DDR PC3L.

If the memory IC is damaged, the laptop if it can be turned on but the image will not appear. Because there is no electrical power supply to the laptop's RAM or memory.

Processor ICs

The processor ic is an ic component that converts the voltage into 1,05 or 0.9volt to supply power to the processor.

If there is damage to the processor ic, the laptop will not display the image, because the processor is not operating.

Get to know the components in the digital on a laptop

IO control

IO lenovo ic charger ic power laptop
one of the IO Lenovo IT8886HE

The digital component that gives the signal to the ram, processor and chipset to run the operating system. The power on/off voltage source comes from this component.

After ic voltage source such as ic power, processor ic, ic ram is ready or there is no problem by pressing the on button, then the laptop can turn on.

This IO gives a signal to the processor and to the chipset, and this io also receives signal from processor and chipset. The commands are reciprocal and after the command is good, everything will be reset and the new laptop starts normally.

Chipet Intel or AMD

chipset intel ic power ic charger
Intel chipset is still separate from the processor

This chipset is in laptops with Pentium processors from the beginning of the laptop being made to next-generation processors 3.

For generation Intel processor laptops 4 Intel chip has merged into one with the processor.

prosesor laptop broadwell
Intel chipset has been merged with Intel Broadwell Processor

Likewise with AMD processor laptops, the chip is now one with the processor.

Intel chipset used to be an output for image display other than vga. If there are 2 vga then one from intel chipset and one from ati redeon or nvidia. So if the laptop doesn't show an image, the source of the damage can also be from the Intel chipset and VGA chipset.

Intel and AMD Processors

Processor in laptop working system to process commands from IO, so that the process can run the program contained in the bios. And finally the laptop can turn on enter the bios menu.

Need in take note that:

  1. Generation Intel processor 4 and so on no longer use the processor socket.
  2. So the Intel and AMD processors are installed directly on the laptop motherboard.
  3. Can't upgrade processor easily anymore. Requires an experienced technician to remove and install the ONBORD processor.
  4. The cost of replacing a damaged processor is expensive.
  5. In many cases, laptops die or do not show pictures because the processor is damaged.

The cause of the laptop is totally dead

From the information above, it can be concluded that if it is completely dead without any indicator lights on, then the main cause can be from Ic charging or Ic power. If both voltage sources are good, it could be from the IO or from the broken bios.

Short laptop

The position of this short can be in voltage 19 volt or voltage after ic power. If the short circuit is in the voltage from the battery or adapter, then none of the laptop indicator lights are lit. Unlike the short circuit after ic power, the charging indicator light can turn on and if the laptop is turned on it just blinks on the power light.

This short circuit can also occur on ic ram, which resulted in the ram becoming damaged. For laptops with next-generation processors 4 like the acer z1402 ic shorted ram then the processor also shorts.

Feel the chipset and processor

Your laptop can turn on and have tried to change the ram, it doesn't want to show pictures, the next suspect is the chipset or processor. Due to the 3rd generation processor model 4 above is already onboard then this damage case will cost a fortune.

The price of a processor chip, for example, the Celeron model, can be up to Rp 400.000 condition not installed. Most technicians provide a price for the replacement of the processor chipset can 2-3 x modal chipsetnya.

I3 processor chipset new condition the price is more than 1 million, then the price of the service fee will be at least 2 x price of the processor.

Why is the price so expensive? Because we bought the chipset there is no warranty from the seller, if it fails to install then we bear a large enough loss.

In conclusion, if it is confirmed that the processor is damaged, then we have to consider changing the processor to the service or replacing a new motherboard. The price may not be much different, the problem is that the motherboard you want to buy is in stock or not.

Laptop service fee

The laptop service place in determining the cost of damage also looks at the condition of the laptop. If the laptop is expensive, the service fee is also expensive.

In this article I will share my experience
about how to fix a totally dead laptop. Laptop
total dead in this case we specify with
the following conditions :

  1. Laptop can't be charged, if it's still charging
    then the indicator light on the Charger will turn off
  2. The laptop does not respond if the power button is on
  3. Laptop death is not caused by impact
    or fall
  4. Laptop death is not caused by the laptop getting hit by water,
    e.g. rain
    If your laptop is totally dead with the condition
    As mentioned above, how
    fix it is as follows, in the article
    this is the laptop we are repairing is Lenovo, However
    can be applied to all types of laptops :
  5. Before starting this job, it is an important requirement that is mandatory
    owned is you must be able to use solder
    and must have the courage to completely disassemble
  6. Remove the laptop battery
  7. Completely disassemble the laptop, usually starts from
    keyboard. Don't forget to disconnect all devices
    input includes hard disk, DVD room, wireless, modem
  8. Lift the laptop's mainboard from its case.
  9. Prepare the AVO meter for checking and
    immediately heat the solder
  10. Check the charger connector on the mainboard,
    connect the red probe of the AVO meter to the cable
    Red ( + ) and a black probe on the black cable ( – ).
    The position of the AVO meter selector on the Ohm meter. Jika AVO
    the meter shows a short circuit then this
    indicates a faulty component ( short ).
  11. To look for damaged components start from
    IC power, see picture below
    The characteristics of a damaged power IC can be seen using
    AVO meter, if the AVO meter needle stuck to the right
    ( the position of the probe is reversed on both sides of the IC kaki
    which is jumpered, 4 feet on one side and three feet on
    the other side ) then the power IC is damaged, or AVO jarum needle
    silent meter also shows a faulty IC
  12. If there is a damaged power IC then replace it with
    which is normal, can be taken from another laptop or
    can you buy a new one, browse on google for
    get it
  13. If all IC power is normal then continue
  14. Look for a laptop scheme according to the type of laptop
    You, browse on google to get it, You
    can be downloaded for free on several sites that
    provide a free laptop scheme. Here too
    some laptop schematics but not complete.
  15. If you can get the schematic then search
    path B+ or in some schemes use
    Vin code or V+ or other similar code that
    the meaning is the main voltage source line.
    To find this path you can sort
    starting from the charger jack, after passing that power ic
    usually go straight to line B+. After B+
    found check using AVO meter for
    ensure that line B+ short circuit.
  16. Separate path B+ with component paths that are
    one by one while checking using AVO
    meter to map a short circuit path.
    The trick is to decide which jumper
    connect B+ to other components, code
    this jumper is J… ( J1, J2 etc.. ). On some
    This type of jumper motherboard does not exist, then you
    must be more careful in continuing to check.
  17. After the B+ path is separated from the continuation path
    then check using AVO meter, then we
    will find circuit block short circuit.
    And proceed to look for the faulty component
    on the block we have found.
  18. Usually in cases like this there is a
    capacitor components ( capacitor ) the damaged one, short circuit,
    thus connecting line B+ to ground. see
    picture below
  19. Look for a short capacitor ( damaged ), remove the capacitor
    what you suspect and check using AVO
    meter, if it is found immediately replace it with
    another capacitor, which is normal.
    The steps above can be applied to all
    laptop type, based on experience with
    replacing the short capacitor is a problem
    can be overcome. But there is one thing that needs to be
    note is the damage to this capacitor can be
    resulting in a damaged IC power follow, then we need to
    to be careful in ensuring the condition of the power IC.

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