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How to fix tv not showing picture and sound

How to fix tv not showing picture and sound, Things to note before you improve further, now you see the symptoms of damage to the tv that does not display picture and sound.
There are many factors and symptoms that arise and need an understanding so that you don't make a wrong step in repairing a live TV with no picture and sound.
This damage is often experienced by TV users using AV or HDMI input systems on LCD TVs . There are two types of damage that must be understood, namely damage to the machine and damage to the installation program.
Machine breakdown usually marked tv can turn on, but no OSD/blue screen. While the installation error usually displays the OSD / appears blue, but video input can't enter. Read also 8 how to repair monitor


Causes of damage to tv not displaying picture and sound

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1. TV program error

Program errors on the television can cause the TV to have no picture and sound. For example, you tune a DVD but still don't enter Av mode. Obviously no pictures, because it has not entered the input mode. Then take a closer look, is it correct in Av mode?.
It's true that it's in Av mode but it doesn't display the image yet. Nah, next check whether the rca cable is correct or not. Don't make the mistake of plugging in the RCA Jack. yellow input video, red and white as audio input.

It should already be in Av mode. Don't make the mistake of connecting in Av out mode because it can damage input devices, for example, the DVD will be damaged.
For those who use HDMI, check the input source menu program or input is usually available in rca mode then select HDMI input mode.
MP4 receiver users before using the hdmi cable, it is better to use rca first to move the output source from rca to hdmi mode on the receiver. only after the program switched to hdmi then on tv the input source settings moved to hdmi..


2.  Damage to the tv machine

On the damage to the tv there is no picture and sound, of course, if you are not an expert, don't open the tv chassis because it is very dangerous for your safety.
Fixing a live tv but not showing picture and sound this method is only a first aid when you are confused which one to fix. For technicals, never open if you are not familiar with electronic components. Dangerous! or you want to learn it never hurts to try

There are many possible possible damage with this kind of symptom. you have to know specifically whether the tv is on or is it off standby. if the tv is on, it means that there is a problem with the program and ic croma.

There are all kinds of symptoms, there is no picture and sound.

1. TV is on, no picture, sound is still there

Possible damage to the heater, abl and scren coming from flyback. One example is when you find a Chinese TV, the TV is on but the picture is not there, it turns out voltage b+115v on the secondary out of the drop regulator so the performance of the flyback can't be maximized.

2. TV has sound only showing vertical or horizontal lines only

Damage to the vertical and horizontal blog sections will usually be marked by a white line in the middle of the screen vertically and horizontally. For more, please read the article

3. no av mode

On polytron brand TVs this often happens, namely the av mode is not found even though it has been programmed using the remote in source mode. did not find av program. as a result there is no picture but sometimes there is sound.

This damage is caused by the memory ic having corrupted data so it needs to be flashed again.

4. tv doesn't show picture then after a while it goes straight back to standby mode. (Protek)

If the TV does not display picture and sound, it will usually experience protection, especially on TV TVs that are equipped with the protection system feature. There are several brands of CRT TVs that have been provided with the protection system, namely Polytron TV, sharp and LG.

Most of the damage there is no picture there is sound caused by the horizontal block having problems so that the flyback working system cannot supply picture tubes starting from 180v video, tengan heater3 v ac, high voltage 20000kv, focal tension,contrast controller voltage. that's why on this blog it becomes the main cause when find the tv there is sound but the picture is dark.

Regarding things that need to be fixed, you can look for references like what has been described above in this blog article or on a google search using more specific keywords., For example, the image is dark even though the screen is maxed out, dark screen only sound, normal voltage


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