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How to Increase the Size of a C Partition in Windows 7 – PC Device (Laptop / Computer) is a very sophisticated technology and has a lot of functions in today's modern era, For example, you can do office work, type, make an invitation letter, and many other computer uses that I can't mention one by one.

Sometimes when we buy a laptop or computer, the default partition C size is only 40GB with a hard disk size of around 320GB.. I myself am a true gamer, programmers and bloggers the size of my "C" partition is approximately 100GB, This is so I can install the applications I need later without burdening my laptop or computer so it doesn't slow down when I add itnew computer program.

To add a partition on the hard drive, I personally have tried several ways, such as using additional applications, namely EASUS and also using the default Windows tool.. I myself also prefer to use the built-in windows tool itself. The windows tool is called DISK MANAGEMENT.

The followingHow To Easily Increase The Size Of A C Partition On Windows 7 :
1. Right click on the computer (My Computer).
2. Next, you press or Click Manage.
3. Click or press Disk Management.
4. Click or right -click on a partition that still has a large amount of disk space, then please see the picture below.

Cara Mudah Menambah Ukuran Partisi C Pada Windows 7, Tutorial Cara Menambah Ukuran Disk C Windows 7, Trik Cara Menambah Space Partisi Drive C Dari Drive D Dengan

5. Klik Shrink Volume (to create a new partition).
6. Then later a disk unlocated volume will appear.
7. Press or Right click on partition C or Disk C, then select Extended Volume.
8. Then the "Extend Volume Wizard" menu will appear., and then you select or click "next" and "next" again.
9. The last time you press or click Finish.

Source : http://gudangkomputerterbaru.blogspot.com/2017/02/9-cara-menambah-ukuran-partisi-c-pada.html?m=1

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