Cara Meningkatkan Pengunjung Blog anda
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How to Increase Your Blog Visitors

Here I will explain how to increase your blog visitors, How to let people know about your blog? put in some group about Blogging on Facebook, and until now the most frequently asked question I see from the members is how to increase blog traffic, how how to increase blog visitors, how to make our blog crowded, and other similar questions. Nah, I just want to share the basic concepts of the blogging world and try to provide a little enlightenment to members on how to increase blog visitors.

Cara Meningkatkan Pengunjung Blog anda
How to Increase Your Blog Visitors

The main thing that comes to mind when I see the question of how to increase blog visitors is to analogize a blog as an offline shop or kiosk. Regardless of the purpose you want to create a blog is as a hobby or a business goal, think of your new blog as a new shop that is somewhere in the middle of nowhere. Logically, no one knows the existence of the new blog let alone come to visit. Then, how to get people to know your blog and visit it?

My question is to be 2, how to get people to know the existence of your blog and how to get people interested in visiting it?

How to let people know about your blog ?

How to let people know about your blog ? Wrong two the way is (1) by means of promotion using advertising and (2) rent/own a stall in a crowded place (Google), using the shop analogy above, Google is analogous to a mall (a place to peddle sales – peddle blog content). The first way, if how to promote in the offline world (shop) You can use electric poles to place promotional advertising flyers. So in the online world you can use social media to do free promotions. The second way, in order to have a place on Google, then your first (at least) you have to do is register a blog by submitting articles through Google Webmaster Tools. Until then compete with similar blogs in order to have a strategic place (page one Google – the first page in a Google search) so that the possibility of getting visitors becomes greater. For more information, please read Practical Ways for Articles to Enter the First Page of Google Search.

Once people know about your blog's existence, is everyone going to visit it? Not necessarily. Then another question pops up, how to get people to visit your blog?

How to get people to visit your blog ?

Once people know the existence of your blog, Of course there is no guarantee that people who know it will visit it. If we analogize a blog as a shop like above, Of course people will only come to the shop if there is something they are looking for. The same goes for blogs, for people to visit your blog, then the blog must provide the article they are looking for. If not, why do they visit your blog?

Add backlinks to the website

Backlinks are one of the important factors in SEO. Definition and benefits of backlinks and how to get branded backlinks Basically a backlink is a link on a web page that leads to another site.

Backlink type

Backlinks also come in many types, here are a few types that your site might find useful:

  • Guest post backlink — happens when you write a guest post for another website. This allows you to build the credibility and trust of your website.
  • Editorial backlink  — natural backlinks from other websites to your site in quality content in various forms, like citation, reference, and sources of information.
  • Comment backlink  — occurs when you include a backlink in a comment in other web content. If not done excessively, this type of link can generate a lot of traffic.
  • Do-follow backlink — dofollow backlinks tell search engines to pay attention to backlinks to their SEO score.
  • No-follow backlink  — nofollow backlinks tell search engines to ignore those backlinks and not count them to SEO score.

Nah, that's the basic concept in the world of blogging according to me personally. Of course there are many other ways that can be done so that the blog has a lot of visitors, but still the basic concept is as I mentioned above. Hope it's useful

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