Download FrostWire 6.9.5 build 308
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Download FrostWire 6.9.5 build 308

Download FrostWire 6.9.5 build 308 is a file sharing program that uses the same engine as LimeWire, namely a file sharing application using the Gnutella and BitTorrent networks..

Frostwire is an open source application, which is written in Java, so there are still opportunities for developers to participate in developing this program in the future and allow you to find a download center for all types of files that are compatible with computers., This software has the same database as LimeWire.

FrostWire is a P2P file sharing application based on the LimeWire code and as a result, it works with the same performance. When you need some files you are looking for using FrostWire, the results you will receive will come from LimeWire and vice versa. Protocol BitTorrent untuk leeching & seeding is still well supported. The program also has the ability to allow you to transfer files from one computer to another.

When tested between Frostwire Free and LimeWire Pro with testing using a media player, in This application cannot work with MP3s or MPGs, whereas in LimeWire they work really well. However, when compared between the two, many users choose this free program, because it has a better download speed than LimeWire Pro. This program also has the advantage of having as many connections as 5 Ultrapeers. Whereas LimeWire only 3 Ultrapeers.

The installation process of FrostWire is very easy. You could even say it's a file sharing utility with a quick and easy installation process that guides you through all the necessary steps to ensure a proper and efficient installation..

Not only that, even freeware, This application provides many skin alternatives that you can choose to suit your taste. Also equipped with Community Chat, which allows all users to interact and discuss the applications they use. With the ability to support multiplatform, like Windows, Linux ,Mac OSX and source code packages available.

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