Dua Dusun di Kabupaten Situbondo Dilanda Kekeringan
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Two hamlets in Situbondo Kabupaten, East Java hit drought. Respond to that, Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPBD) start preparing the distribution of clean water to areas affected by monsoons drought the.

“After we received information that there was a shortage of clean water in Polai and Bendusa hamlets, Jatisari Village, Arjasa District, we start preparing distribution. Tomorrow we will also ask the regent for directions,” said the Chief Executive of BPBD Situbondo Zainul Arifin confirmed at Situbondo, quote from Antara, Monday (30/8/2021).

Based on that information, he continued, BPBD officers will conduct a site survey, on Tuesday (31/8). The goal is to ensure real conditions on the ground.

“Therefore, Tomorrow our officers will survey the location. Of course we will distribute water that is the community's needs, including surveys to other drought-affected areas,” he said.

He explained, Polai Hamlet and Bendusa Hamlet are mountainous areas that are always affected by drought every year, especially during the dry season.

Zainul said local BPBD officers conducted a survey in a number of villages that had been affected by the drought, This causes residents to lack clean water which is their daily need.

“So, we will pick up the ball by conducting a site survey. Usually villages report to us through their respective sub-district heads, but until now there has been no report from the village related to the lack of clean water,” he said. (Between)

source : https://malang.suara.com/read/2021/08/31/060500/dua-dusun-di-kabupaten-situbondo-dilanda-kekeringan

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