Harga PCR jadi Rp 275 Ribu, Kualitas Tidak Boleh Turun!
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PCR price becomes Rp 275 Thousand, Quality Cannot Go Down!

The price of the PCR test is Rp 275 Thousand, Quality Cannot Go Down!, Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The government has finally decided to lower the price of polymerase chain reaction tests again (PCR) in Indonesia. The cost of this PCR was a heavy burden for the community at the beginning of the pandemic, the article for the Covid-19 test the cost can be more than Rp 1 million for one test.



The government sets the price of the PCR test to be reduced to Rp 275 for the Java Bali area and Rp 300 thousand outside that region. The decrease was made after the Ministry of Health and BPKP conducted an audit on the components of the RT . test equipment and services – PCR.

From the results of the BPKP audit of the cost of goods and services, the RT test – PCR from e-catalog there is a potential lower price. Starting from Reagents, hazmat or personal protective equipment, to RNA.

Harga PCR jadi Rp 275 Ribu, Kualitas Tidak Boleh Turun!
PCR price becomes Rp 275 Thousand, Quality Cannot Go Down!

Then, how much is the capital from the RT-PCR test lab business?

Secretary General of the Association of Medical and Laboratory Equipment Company Organizations (Gakeslab) Randy H. Teguh explained that there are various kinds of PCR test examination tools, so it can't generalize how much the exact capital is to do this test.

However, the cost of testing equipment such as reagents and PPE usually reaches 40% – 50% of the RT . test price structure – PCR. The rest is to pay the nurse, doctor, administration, to rent a room.

He explained that the price range for the reagents starts from Rp 150 – 500 thousand depending on the origin and quality of the goods. The more expensive of course the level of accuracy will be better. Meanwhile, the investment cost for the PCR machine starts from hundreds of millions to Rp 2 billion.

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“Quite expensive, That's why I feel sorry for those who have already invested, confused have to re-calculate,” he told CNBC Indonesia.

According to Randy with a PCR price limit of Rp 275 thousand to Rp 300 thousand makes it more difficult for test service providers to get quality test kits. If you look at the price structure, the most widely circulated reagents are in the range of Rp 100 thousands.

Researcher in Clinical Microbiology, Amin Soebandrio said that the price reduction should not affect the quality of the PCR, because the facility provider is committed to carrying out the inspection. Meanwhile, the price is regulated by the government.

However, this price reduction will burden service providers, Because there are costs to be incurred such as the provision of reagents, health workers, tool maintenance, until the company's profit count.

“Profits are definitely affected, for example, from the usual take profit 10%, yes definitely reduced. If the quality is yes, everything can be the same,” said the former head of the Eijkman Institute.

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As known, President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) issued instructions to reduce the price of the Covid-19 PCR swab test to Rp 300 thousand finally happened. This rule applies today.

Previously, in August, the Ministry of Health had lowered the price of PCR from 900 thousand to a maximum of Rp 495 thousand for Java and Bali and Rp 525 thousand for outside Java and Bali.


source : https://www.cnbcindonesia.com/news/20211030085850-4-287687/harga-pcr-jadi-rp-275-ribu-kualitas-tidak-boleh-turun


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