jadwal siaran langsung cabor bulu tangkis babak semifinal beregu putra PON XX Papua 2021
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Sports live broadcast schedule (sport) badminton men's team semifinals at the National Sports Week (MON) XX Papua 2021

TRIBUNNEWS.COM – The following is the schedule for the live broadcast of the sports branch (sport) badminton men's team semifinals at the National Sports Week (MON) XX Papua 2021 Today, Friday (8/10/2021).

Men's team badminton match in the semifinals of PON XX Papua 2021 held at GOR Waringin, Jayapura City.

Only group winners are entitled to advance to the semifinals.

Yesterday's group stage results, Thursday (7/10/2021), West Java (West Java) and Central Java (Central Java) successful win.

In the Group A preliminary match, West Java defeated East Kalimantan (East Kalimantan) with a landslide score 5-0.

West Java has excelled since the first match that fielded the men's singles sector, Alvi Wijaya wins 21-16 and 21-9 on behalf of East Kalimantan, Abdul Kadir Zaelani.

Second party, Men's doubles sector West Java M. Shohibul Fikri / Pramudya Kusuma Wardana excel 21-10 and 21-9 top Bryan Sydney/M. Nur Hafizi.

West Java won again in the third party, Panji Ahmad Maulana completes fierce resistance from M. Aldo Apriyandi three games with a score 21-17, 18-21 and 21-16.

Fourth party, West Java men's doubles pair Andika Ramadiansyah/M. Fachrikar won 22-20 and 21-16 on Haikal Afrizal/M. Guspiansyah.

The perfect victory was won by West Java when the results of the party were five, The West Java men's single sector, Syabda Perkasa Belawa, defeated the East Kalimantan representative Surya Purnama Sidi with a score of 21-19 and 21-11.

jadwal siaran langsung cabor bulu tangkis babak semifinal beregu putra PON XX Papua 2021
live broadcast schedule for badminton in the semifinals of the men's team PON XX Papua 2021

Previously, West Java also won 5-0 against the host, Papua.

This condition led West Java to advance to the semifinals of the men's team badminton PON XX Papua 2021.

As for the province of Central Java (Central Java) also successfully pocketed the semifinal ticket for PON XX Papua Men's Badminton 2021.

The ticket for the semifinals was obtained by the men's team badminton team in Central Java after conquering North Sulawesi (ignite) with position 3-2.

In the early game, North Sulawesi took the lead 1-0 from the match Ikhsan Leonardo Imanuel Rumbay who won against Central Java athletes, Bagas Kristianto Nugroho with a score 21-18 and 21-11.

Central Java caught up with the equalizer in the second match to become 1-1.

In the second party, Central Java athlete Bobby Setiabudi successfully beat Mordekhay Rengkung with 21-11, 21-12.

The advantage was again achieved by Central Java in the third and fourth parties with the position 3-1.

The Central Java team represented by Alberto Alvin Yulianto, managed to beat Jeremia Memah in two straight games 21-11, 21-3.

Likewise with the fourth party which played the men's doubles pair of Central Java Bagas Maulana / Bobby Setiabudi with representatives of North Sulawesi., Andre Tololiu / Swiking Wuisan

Bagas Maulana/Bobby Setiabudi managed to win with two straight games 21-16 21-15.

Even though it's confirmed to win and get a ticket to the semifinals with the status of group winners, but the fifth party still has to be played.

In the fifth party, The second men's doubles pair in Central Java, the pair Alberto Alvin Yulianto/Bagas Kristianto Nugroho lost to Joshua Wardana/Zachariah Sumanti with the position 16-21, 23-25.

As a result, The match ended, Central Java won with the position 3-2 over North Sulawesi.

Central Java also successfully won a perfect victory 5-0 over West Papua.

These results led Central Java to become the winner of Group B and at the same time advance to the semifinals.

Apart from West Java and Central Java, there is East Java (East Java) and DKI Jakarta who won Groups C and D of the men's team badminton.

East Java and DKI Jakarta also qualified for the semifinals after winning twice over their respective opponents.

ON the first day, East Java won a perfect victory 5-0 over Lampung.

The victory was won by East Java in yesterday's match against Banten with a score of 3-2.

Meanwhile, DKI Jakarta twice won a perfect victory without reply 5-0 against North Sumatra on the first day and Bali in yesterday's match.

As for the semifinal match of the men's team badminton PON XX Papua 2021 can be watched via iNews TV live broadcast.

The men's team badminton match broadcast on iNews TV is the West Java vs Central Java match today, Friday (8/10/2021) o'clock 14.00 WIT or 12.00 WIB.

Men's team badminton match results, Tuesday (5/10/2021)

– West Java vs Papua : 5-0 (Group A)

– Central Java vs West Papua : 5-0 (Group B)

– East Java vs Lampung : 5-0 (Group C)

– DKI Jakarta vs North Sumatra : 5-0 (Group D)

Men's team badminton match results, Wednesday (6/10/2021)

– East Kalimantan vs Papua : 4-1 (Group A)

– North Sulawesi vs West Papua : 4-1 (Group B)

– Banten vs Lampung : 3-2 (Group C)

– Bali vs North Sumatra : 1-4 (Group D)

Men's team badminton match results, Thursday (7/10/2021)

– West Java vs East Kalimantan : 5-0 (Group A)

– Central Java vs North Sulawesi : 3-2 (Group B)

– East Java vs Banten : 3-2 (Group C)

– DKI Jakarta vs Bali : 5-0 (Group D)

XX Papua PON Badminton Semifinals Match Schedule 2021 today, Friday (8/10/2021)

– West Java vs Central Java : O'clock 14.00 WIT or 12.00 WIB

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