Konsep Pemrograman Java yang Harus dipahami
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What is Programming?

Programming is process done to make computer program. Java Programming Concepts to understand

So, all the activities you do to write a program is called programming or programming programming.

Usually these activities include:

  1. Analysis (problem analysis);
  2. Making Algorithms or Solutions;
  3. Coding (Implementation of algorithms into programming languages).

Many people make mistakes when they first start learning programming.

They study coding first, without knowing how to analyze and create algorithms.

even though coding is the final stage of programming.

As John Johnson said:


"First of all, first solve the problem, then generate the code

Many people can coding, but don't know what to do, and even having trouble making the program yourself. This could be because he is just studying coding just.

Because of that, it's good to learn algorithms and computational thinking

first before starting to study coding.

Algorithm is a branch of mathematics that teaches us to think logically to solve problems.

At least, after learning algorithms.. you can create your own solution of the problem you want to solve.

After that, the next step is coding with programming language.

How Computers Execute Programs ?

Computer programs are created with programming languages. Programming languages ​​generally use English. This language is easy for humans to understand. But the computer can't understand.

Computers can only understand signals 10101010, because the computer is an electronic circuit that can only live on electricity. This signal is also called a digital signal.

Sinyal Digital

As for the numbers 1 declare live signal, whereas 0 declare death.

Or we can say.

1 = on
0 = off

This signal will be processed by the processor and will generate electricity in the circuit motherboard,

Simulasi CPU Intel 4004 (sumber: pixeljoint.com )
Intel CPU Simulation 4004 (source: pixeljoint.com )

so the computer will be able to do something like display text onto the screen, play music, print document, and so on.


Humans cannot give direct signals in the form of 10101010 to the processor. Because of that, created assembly language.

Assembly language is an assembly language made from code mnemonic or symbol code.


For letter printing commands A to screen, the symbol code is mov 041,ah later this code will be changed by assembler Becomes 10010011.

Take a look at the following picture:


Thanks to assembly language, we can give instructions to the processor.

But, assembly language is quite difficult for humans to understand. Because of that, created a programming language with English.

Take a look at this picture:


Compiler is used to convert programming language into assembly language. Then the assembler will convert the assembly language into a signal 10101010.

Up!! now we can give instructions to the processor in a language we understand.

If you want to print letters A to screen, just use the command:


It's very easy to understand, compared to have to coding with language assembly.

Why We need JVM ?

We will never be satisfied with the current processor speed, so processor creator companies are competing to make the best processors.

Currently we know several well-known vendors such as Intel, AMD, IBM, and ARM.

But what's the problem:

Different vendors, the assembly language register code used is also different.

Whether you want it or not, We must compile program for each processor.

source : https://www.petanikode.com/java-konsep/

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