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Creating a Floor House Design 1 with Sketchup

Creating a Floor House Design 1 with Sketchup, Hi everyone, I'm so happy that I can finally come back with my latest writing which might later be able to help friends who are looking for references in using home design applications with Sketchup.
Previously, I apologize for delaying to continue my writing about "Autodesk Revit" whose 2nd season is "Architecture". Hopefully after writing this article about Sketchup I can continue Autodesk Revit Season 2 namely "Architecture". Please be patient, all of you friends.
Ok back to the laptop. . . . .
In designing a building into the shape of 3 Dimension, so many applications that can be used, like Autodesk Revit (which I have discussed in the previous article), Autocad, 3DMax, and Sketchup. Compared to others, Sketchup in my opinion is very easy to apply, even in the visualization, it is very real, both in the use of the material components and the rendering results. Even for newbie (beginner-read) even though you won't have any difficulties in applying this Sketchup. Moreover, I will lead friends step by step floor house design 1 with Sketchup which I will explain in writing this article.
Ok Cekidot…..
Important to note, in the design of the shape 3 dimensions, Make sure friends already have a floor plan and division of space in the building, and determine the type of building facade that will be designed later. The most important thing is that the floor plan and the appearance of the building are very important in making the design 3 dimensions.
In this case, I will use the floor plan of the building 1 which I've created before in Autocad. Friends can use designs that friends have. All we need is a plan and a look. Like my picture below

Plan Drawing
Roof Plan Pictures
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Front View Image

Okay, after friends already have a floor plan that will be designed into shape 3 The dimensions in Autocad format are *.dwg or *.dxf the next step that friends do is as follows:

➤ Import File Autocad (*.dwg or *.dxf) into SkecthupSketchup makes it easy for Autocad users who want to apply their designs into shapes 3 Dimension. So we no longer need to repeat the floor plan which is our foundation in drawing 3 dimensions in Sketchup because we can take advantage of Sketchup's "Import File" feature which support for Autocad format files, namely *.dwg or *.dxf . Here are the steps to import the file into Sketchup :

  • Select Menu File → Impor
  • The Open dialog box will appear then on the Files of type at the bottom select the Autocad format (*.dwg or *.dxf)
  • Then find the location of the previously saved Autocad file then → click Open
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  • Then the imported Autocad file will appear on the Sketchup work page as shown below
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  • To set the image display as above, if you want to see in perspective, view top, view front, view right, view back, or view left can use the toolbar house icon which is in the red box on the Sketchup work page above.
  • If the toolbar house icon does not appear on the Sketchup work page and if you want to show it click the menu ViewToolbar, then in the Toolbar dialog box there will be several kinds of toolbars, friends just tick (√) toolbar views, as well as other toolbars according to the needs of friends. The toolbar dialog box can be seen in the image below.
Toolbar Type Selection

Scale the floor plan on the Sketchup work page After the floor plan is imported to the Sketchup work page, the next step is to scale the floor plan to fit the desired size. For example in this case, I use centimeters (cm). To set the units on the Sketchup work page, the steps are as follows::

  • Click the menu Window Model Info
  • Then the Model Info dialog box will appear choose Unit
  • In the format options select Decimal → in the box to the right, select the desired unit, in this case I select the unit in centimeters (cm)
  • Then on to options Precision I choose two numbers after the comma (0.00cm)
  • After all is done, click the cross sign (X) in the top right corner

After setting the unit unit is complete, the next step is setting the image scale. The steps are as follows:


  • Select the floor plan by creating a group first to make it easier to adjust the scale
  • Block the floor plan until everything is selected, then right click → Make Group
  • After the floor plan becomes a unified image, next is to set the scale
  • To find out what is the right scale we use, first take measurements first on one of the image components. In this case, I will measure the wall thickness. on a thick sketchup of the wall is 4.57 cm, while on the floor plan in Autocad the wall thickness is 15 cm. So the scale on the Sketchup drawing is:  scale = 15/4.57 = 3.28
  • To set the scale, click the floor plan on the Sketchup work page → Click the toolbar Scale then Drag the top right corner on the plan while typing the scale used, in this case using the scale 3.28 in the lower right corner, as in the picture below.

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