Mengenal Lebih Dekat dengan BIM - Belajar Autodesk Revit
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Get to Know More about BIM – Learn Autodesk Revit

Definition of BIM
Get to Know More about BIM – Learn Autodesk Revit. BIM (Building Information Modelling) is a mechanism that can be adapted in processes: Design/planning (Basic Design, Shop Drawing, Detailed Drawing), Implementation Planning, Implementation Coordination, Commissioning/Handover to support efforts to mitigate the risk of not fully achieving performance targets related to quality deliverable and efficiency. BIM is also a process that starts with creating a 3D Digital Model (virtual building) and it contains all the building information, which serves as a tool for planning, planning, development implementation, and maintenance of the building and its infrastructure for all parties involved in the project such as the owner, consultant, and contractor.
Do you understand what BIM is? Or even more confused? Maybe the language is a bit complicated and too technical, well i will explain in plain language, In general, BIM is an integrated system between several disciplines, starting from the structure, architecture, mep, landscape, as well as other fields of civil engineering. A system that will be interconnected with each other, so as to minimize the occurrence of discrepancies between one discipline and another or other languages ​​can synchronize with one another. According to the information I got too, for building planning more than 3 floor or area 2000 m2 must need analysis using BIM in its licensing. Likewise in Project Tenders, especially BUMN Projects, usually requires BIM in its design if the project is an integrated project category (Design & Build). So therefore, it is necessary for us especially those who are involved in the construction world to get to know BIM more closely.


Keep in mind that, to run this system we need tools as an aid in its implementation, one that we often hear and use in civil engineering is Autocad, but this time I will not discuss about Autocad, because I'm sure that among my friends, especially those who work in the construction world, they definitely understand and understand this one design application.. Besides Autocad, there is such a thing as Autodesk Revit, the family of Autocad itself, namely from Autodesk Family, there is also Ms. Project, Naviswork and much more tools which can be used as needed.
BIM has levels or levels, among them :  

  1. BIM Level 2D, a model that includes two-dimensional shape information
  2. BIM Level 3D, a model that includes three-dimensional shape information.
  3. BIM Level 4D, time allocation and scheduling based on the construction work sequence added to the 3D model.
  4. BIM Level 5D, construction cost and simulation, the study of the order of buildings, costs and resources.
  5. BIM level 6D, related to facility management, operation and maintenance dan as built drawing.

Well on this happy occasion, as promised, I will share information with friends about BIM, but the BIM that I discuss this time is the 3D BIM level. And tools the one I use is Autodesk Revit. I will explain starting from the introduction of Revit until I will try to practice briefly, compact and simple visualizing 3D images in Revit. OK check out……
first of all, before you proceed to the next discussion, First you install the Revit application or you can click the link below to download the application. For practice this time I use Autodesk Revit 2018.

After you install the Revit app, and make sure the application can be run until the first page of revit appears as shown below.

Autodesk Revit first page 2018

For the next step in running the Autodesk Revit application 2018 follow the steps below:

1.   Opening Template Pages in Revit

  1. After the first page of Autodesk Revit appears 2018, on options Project which is on the left side of the page ➔ click New
  2. Then a dialog box will appear New Project, then on the template file selectConstruction Template
  3. Then click Browse, then a dialog box will appear Choose Template
  4. choose RVT2018 choose Templates
  5. SelectUS Metric ➔choose Structural Analysis Default Metric.rte ➔Click Open, then click OK.
  6. After click OK, then the Project main page will appear on Revit.
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To start creating 3D image visualization. In this case, I have prepared a 2D floor plan in the Autocad application which I then imported into Revit for me to create a 3D visual image.

2.   Cara Import File Autocad Ke Revit

a. Click Menu Insert on the menu bar b. Click Import Cad

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c. After that, a dialog box will appear Import CAD format like the picture below, then select the CAD file you want to import.

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Information: ➥ Kolom no.1, put a tick (√) on current view only ➥ Kolom no.2, on the unit import option select the unit meter


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