Menyambut HUT ke-5, ASTRA Property Gelar Living First 2021 – Feel the LIFE
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Celebrating the 5th ANNIVERSARY, ASTRA Property Gelar Living First 2021 – Feel the LIFE

Celebrating the 5th ANNIVERSARY, ASTRA Property Gelar Living First 2021 – Feel the LIFE,, JAKARTA – ASTRA Property, which is the seventh business line of PT Astra International Tbk, commemorate the company's 5th Anniversary with a celebration celebration through the Living First event 2021 dengan tema “Feel the LIFE”.


Through this theme, ASTRA Property invites the audience to celebrate life, think positive and share positive energy, science and knowledge, and share blessings and also invest in property.

ASTRA Property wants to present a Living First – Feel the LIFE event that provides more value for visitors, by presenting inspiring and educative activities for the audience to be able to improve the quality of life. The series of events are summarized in detail and presented to the public who have an interest in the culinary industry, investment, architecture, landscape and interior design.

Menyambut HUT ke-5, ASTRA Property Gelar Living First 2021 – Feel the LIFE
Celebrating the 5th ANNIVERSARY, ASTRA Property Gelar Living First 2021 – Feel the LIFE

Starting from the “Exciting Talkshow” webinar session which presents interesting speakers who are experts in their fields. There will be 3 webinar session in the event "Exciting Talkshow" that is 2 talkshow session with Chef Andrea Peresthu from Javanegra Family and 1 talkshow session with

The first session with Chef Andrea Peresthu will discuss the culinary journey of chef Andrea who was previously in the world of architecture but switched to the culinary world, will be held on 30 October 2021. And in the second session that will discuss the culinary world of gourmet dining in Indonesia will be held on 13 November 2021.

Another talkshow session is a collaboration with media with the title Smart Investment for the Future which will invite young business people to explore investment, especially in the real estate. Speaker Timothy Ronald, Co-Founder, will share his knowledge about the world of investment, the type of investment that is suitable for the audience to the benefits of investing in the property world. This talkshow will be held on 6 November 2021. While the Architalk webinar session will discuss architecture, landscape and interior design with professional speakers.

Architalk will be held in two sessions with two different topics, namely Architecture + Senses: Material Applications for Homes with speakers Mark Ong and Sigit Kusumawijaya, serta Architecture + Senses: Material Applications for Tropical Architecture with speaker M. Archica Danisworo, Sardjono Sani and Lim Masulin. All of these talk shows are open to the public and are free, so let's join the "Exciting Talkshow" to get interesting knowledge and who knows you'll be lucky to get a prize! For registration, please click the link

Selain “Exciting Talkshow”, a series of other events that will enliven Living First 2021 namely “Energy of LIFE Photo Competition” or photo competition on ASTRA Property Instagram with a theme related to positive things that are felt or want to be shared during a pandemic so that it can be a motivation. The photo competition period starts on 22 October 2021 until 14 November 2021 and open to the public.

For audiences who are interested in investing in ASTRA Property products, they can take advantage of the "Experience Promo" which presents a variety of attractive offers for the choice of residential property products according to their needs., like Anandamaya Residences, Asya and Arumaya Residences.

Especially in the Living First period 2021, Anandamaya Residences offers Discount 5% for the primary unit, while Asya provides additional discounts 5% of all current promos and Arumaya Residences in addition to providing discounts 5% also provides a special Down Payment program only 5%. This program certainly provides convenience for potential buyers of ASTRA Property products.


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