Pembongkaran Replika Boneka Squid Game di Jalan Tunjungan Surabaya
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Violating the Regional Regulation and Triggering the Crowd

Surabaya ( – Joint officers from Satpol PP, Linmas and the Surabaya City Covid-19 Task Force dismantled the replica of the Squid Game doll that stood on Jalan Tunjungan on Sunday (10/10/2021) night. The dismantling of the doll series was carried out because one of them caused a crowd and caused congestion on Jalan Tunjungan.

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Dismantling the Squid Game Doll Replica on Jalan Tunjungan Surabaya

Head of Surabaya City Satpol PP, Eddy Christijanto says, the installation of the doll violates Perda No 10 Year 2000 regarding Provisions for Road Use and Regional Regulation Number 2 Year 2020 concerning the Implementation of Public Order and Public Peace.

“They put that (doll) on the pedestrian. Meanwhile, based on Regional Regulation No 2 Year 2020 and Regulation No 10 Year 2000 that the median of the road should not be used other than the road function,Eddy said in his office, Monday (11/10/2021).

Apart from violating the road function, Eddy mentions, installation of dolls has also violated Law No 11 Year 2010 about Cultural Heritage. Because, the building which is affixed with accessories and dolls is listed as one of the cultural heritages in the City of Heroes.

“It should be before they do any activities or change the structure or stick something in the cultural heritage building, must get a letter of recommendation from the Surabaya City Cultural Heritage Team. Earlier I asked if they did not have the letter," he said.

Furthermore, The owner of the Squid Game doll replica is also not responsible when there is a violation of health protocols. This can be seen before the officers demolished it on Sunday (10/10) night. Residents there, seen crowding on Jalan Tunjungan to take selfies with the doll.

“So yesterday when it happened, there was a lot of crowds which eventually caused traffic jams on Jalan Tunjungan, health protocols are also not implemented. So that we are with the Covid-19 Task Force, as well as the police and the TNI to control," he said.

Nevertheless, in that control, His party stated that they would continue to prioritize persuasive and humanist methods. Because of that, the officer only dismantled and confiscated the accessories along with the doll. “We do persuasively, this (doll) we confiscated can not be installed. We also ask them to carry out licensing arrangements for the use of cultural heritage," he said.

Based on the owner's confession, continued Eddy, The cultural heritage building is planned to be used for a restaurant. Meanwhile when checking, Building permit (IMB) the cultural heritage is for trade, so the owner must adjust the building utilization permit according to the restaurant.

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