Polresta Malang Kota Bagikan 5 Ton Beras Bagi Difabel Terdampak Pandemi
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SuaraMalang.id – Malang City Police distribute five tons of rice to three thousand medical masks to residents and accident victims and people with disabilities alias disabled. This social service activity is expected to ease the burden of those who are also affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.


Malang City Police Chief AKBP Budi Hermanto said that this social service activity was initiated by alumni of the Police Academy (Police Academy) 2000 with the battalion name ‘Sanika Satyawada’. Apart from distributing groceries, they also hold mass vaccination activities.

“This is a manifestation of the Police's concern in easing the burden on the community that has an impact during this pandemic, especially in the city of Malang,” said Budi to reporters, Wednesday (25/8/21).

Budi submitted, there are total 130 basic food packages provided in this activity. Then, five tons of rice, 500 liter of cooking oil, and 3 thousand medical masks.

In its implementation, said Budi, his party involved Bhabinkamtibmas to distribute the aid.

“Later door to door we will immediately review our brothers and sisters with disabilities and victims of traffic accidents,” he said.

With respect to this activity, Budi hopes to ease the burden on those affected by the Covid-19 pandemic situation.

“Maybe it's not maximized, it's very significant to help us be present in the midst of difficulties, and present in the community area of ​​Malang City,” he concluded.


SOURCE : https://malang.suara.com/read/2021/08/26/090747/polresta-malang-kota-bagikan-5-ton-beras-bagi-difabel-terdampak-pandemi


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