Strategi Menhub Budi Kejar Penyerapan Anggaran 95 Persen di 2021
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Minister of Transportation Budi's Strategy to Pursue Budget Absorption 95 Percent in 2021, The Ministry of Transportation is optimistic that it can achieve the budget realization target this year 2021 as big as 95,87 percent. This was conveyed by the Minister of Transportation Budi Karya Sumadi while attending a Working Meeting with Commission V DPR RI, Thursday (26/8).

“We remain optimistic that by the end of the year we will be able to achieve the year-end prognosis target 2021 as big as 95,87 percent,” explained the Minister of Transportation.

Minister of Transportation Budi conveyed, until August 2021, Ministry of Transportation budget realization year 2021 has reached 50,06 percent. This figure is equivalent to Rp. 17.14 trillion. Minister of Transportation explained, the initial ceiling of the Ministry of Transportation's budget for the year 2021 which is Rp.45.66 trillion. Then, there is a policy of reducing the budget or refocusing the budget for handling Covid-19 of Rp. 14.27 trillion.

However, The Ministry of Transportation also received additional budgets, including from the initial balance of the Public Service Agency (BLU) IDR 51.89 billion, National Shariah Securities fund (SBSN) and Overseas Loans and/or Grants (PHLN) IDR 1.8 trillion, and the National Economic Recovery budget (PEN) from the Budget Section of the State General Treasurer (BA BUN) Rp992.09 billion.

“Until now, the end of the budget ceiling of the Ministry of Transportation for the year 2021 IDR 34.24 trillion,” the light.

Minister of Transportation revealed, The existence of a refocussing policy affects the budget structure and fiscal space of the Ministry of Transportation in order to fulfill mandated national priority programs. The Ministry of Transportation is also trying to ensure that transportation services, safety aspects, as well as the need for priority transportation infrastructure that continues to run and can be met.

“Therefore, we rearrange the priority scale, carry out relaxation by implementing multi-year contracts and extending multi-year contracts, and delaying some infrastructure programs that are not yet urgent,” call it.

Minister of Transportation explained, With the Covid-19 pandemic, a number of activities at the Ministry of Transportation have experienced problems. These include educational activities as well as research and development (R&D) due to the Covid-19 pandemic, non-tax state revenue penerimaan (PNBP) and BLU also have not reached the target so that absorption cannot be realized.

To overcome this, a number of efforts were made to accelerate the absorption of the Ministry of Transportation's budget 2021 such as carrying out the activities that have been programmed consistently without ignoring health protocols and adjusting working hours, encourage acceleration of target achievement and realization of non-tax revenues, accelerate the resolution of land acquisition problems in infrastructure development projects, complete documents for budget revision (unblock), conducting an auction does not bind additional optimization work for PHLN and BA BUN, monitor the withdrawal plan closely to avoid negative deviation from the set target, and encourage work units (satker) to accelerate the billing process for activities that have been realized in accordance with the provisions.

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